Original title: Tune for Two
English title: Tune for Two
Release year: 2011
Format: Short Film
Running time: 3 min
Director: Gunnar A.K Järvstad
Written by: Gunnar A.K Järvstad
Producers: Sofie Palage & Olof Spaak

– An execution takes an unexpected turn…

“Tune for Two” has been watched over FOURTEEN MILLION times on internet sites like Vimeo and YouTube. Several remakes have been made.

England, Channel 4, the program “Rude Tube”, September, 2011. The show had 1,4 million viewers.
France, the TV-chanel Nolife, the program “Court Métrage”, June, 2011.
Canada, “Attack of the Show”, where it is ranked as “#1 Video of the day”, April, 2011.
Holland, March 2011.

Festival screenings:
Festival Séquence Court-Métrage Toulouse, France, November 2016
Brainchild Festival, Halland, Great Britain, July 2016
Festival Séquence Court-métrage, Toulouse, France, November 2015
Cinéfil Festival, Valence, France, July 2015
Festival du Cinéma européen de Lille, Lille, France, April 2015
Arktisen Upeeta Film Festival, Jyväskylä, Finland, February 2015
Kulturhusfestivalen, Umeå, Sweden, August 2014
Art & Algorithms, Titusville, USA, October 2014
Brussels Short Film Festival, Brussels, Belgium, April 2014
Dead by Dawn, Scotland’s International Horror Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, april 2014
Mecal International Short and Animation Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, March 2014
Black Bear Filmfest, Warsaw, Poland, December 2013
Yläkaupungin yö, Jyväskylä, Finland, May 2013
Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Film Fest, Seattle, USA, April 2013
Bunnamagoo Mudfest – Mudgee International Short Festival, Mudgee, Australia, March 2013
Freeky Creek Short Film Festival, Fairmount, USA, October 2012
Zienemaan & Sterren, Groninge, Holland, August 2012
Fantasy Filmfest, Berlin, Germany, August 2012
Claremont 5 Second Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, May 2012
Vimeo SXSW Screening Opportunity, Austin, USA, April 2012
The Hill Country Film Festival, Fredericksburg, USA, April 2012
Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam, Holland, April 2012
Florida Film Festival, Florida, USA, April 2012
Azyl International Short Film Festival, a part of Bratislava International Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, November 2011
Fanomenon, a part of Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds, England, November 2011
SPASM film Festival, Montreal, Canada, October 2011
Couch Fest, Reykjavik, Iceland, September 2011
Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Canada, September 2011
Fantastic Fest, Austin, USA, September 2011
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival, Lund, Sweden, September 2011
Directors Notes, a part of Reading & Leeds Music Festivals, Leeds, England, August 2011
Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Ljutomer, Slovenia, July 2011
Filmbar, Malmö, Sweden, March 2011

Articles (in Swedish):
“Ny svensk Youtube-hit” Filmnyheterna the 26th of April 2011
“Våldsam skånsk komedi gör succé på internet” Sydsvenska Dagbladet the 30th of April 2011

Press Release 110426 (In Swedish, PDF)